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Ana R. - 9/21/14
Scruby's is amazing bar-b-q. It is consistent and never disappoints. I cannot believe in all the years of coming here, I have never written a review.

Frank and I chose Scruby's tonight for our anniversary dinner. We wanted something that we didn't have to dress for.

Their baby backs always, and I mean always, fall off the bone. I eat them with a fork and knife - I hate getting my fingers dirty! ;) . Frank loves their St. Louis ribs. Tonight it was all you can eat St. Louis. You can't take them home, but they will serve you as many as you'd like.

I absolutely LOVE Scruby's cole slaw. Their mac n' cheese is meh, but hey it doesn't bother me at all. I can live without them. The garlic toast is good, fries are good and I am not a bean person but Frank likes their beans.

We have been to all sorts of barbecue places, including the famous Fort Lauderdale's Tom Jenkins and I have to tell you SCRUBY'S is one of our absolute favorites. The ribs ARE ALWAYS THE SAME. We recently went to Red Cow. I loved their brisket, but when I went back a second time the brisket was dry and not the same. I hate when that happens. I want to go to a place that if you amaze me with something, I can go back time and time again.

Thank you Scruby's for being consistent! Those baby backs were off the chain tonight just as they always are. Enjoy!

Heli M. - 2/24/15
Just had to get the Tuesday baby back rib special again with baked beans, mac & cheese and was not disappointed. I love the baked beans! They need to gimme a bigger portion next time :) The food, service and hospitality was great. We had Erin as our waitress and she was very prompt and returned to check on us in a timely fashion. Just a great experience.

Lisette D - 7/27/14
I don't claim to be a BBQ connoisseur but I do know what I like. We went in on a Tuesday and their special is a full rack with potato plus slaw or beans for $9.99. Good deal! My husband ordered the ribs and I had the catfish . Both were good. The ribs were tender and fall off the bone. The catfish was fried crispy and not greasy at all. Their coleslaw is good and on the sweet side; that's how I like it. Their Mac & cheese is straight out of a box though. I like their gigantic water glasses too.

Our server was great. Always smiling, friendly and attentive. The one thing that I found odd was that our sides came out first; then our entrees were served about 5 minutes later. I guess it's ok if you're starving and rather have them as appetizers as opposed to sides.

The restaurant is clean, bright and well lit. If we're in the area, craving BBQ and it's a Tuesday, we will pop in again. Then run across the street to Mojo for dessert!

Eric R - 8/12/14
This place is BBQ by any and all Standards!

I look forward to Tuesday more than I do Fridays... Just to get my chompers around the Baby Back Ribs that are on Special every Tuesday for $9.95 for a full rack and 2 sides.

The ribs are cooked to perfection, fall of the bone delicious ribs, no over sauced, or boiled to take away from the natural flavors of the meat! My 2 year old daughter devours these ribs like a champ (so proud)!!

Bianca B. - 5/21/14
Let me start of by saying this... It was love at first bite. The atmosphere was very casual and laid back. As soon as we walked in, we were escorted to a booth. Usually I always move to a different table at restaurants because they would seat me somewhere that's too dark or just too close to the kitchen. But the lady sat us all down to a clean booth and I had no urge to move.

So far so good.

On Tuesdays they have great deals on the ribs so make sure you take full advantage! I believe it was 10$ for a rack of ribs..
Their coleslaw?? Amazing. But nothing had me mentally ready for there ribs. It fell off the bone and it was so tender! Everything was just perfect. Now I know where to go when I want some amazing BBQ ribs.

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TAL552013 – Tripadvisor user from Columbus, OH

We meet some of our out town relatives and had a very nice time. The food was very good. They had a special on chicken and Baby Back Ribs so we all decided to try that it turned out to be amazing choice. The meal was $10 for whole meal including 2 sides. It was perfect for a family gathering. I would recommend this to anyone who likes BBQ.

Visited December 2014

MRuiz_12 – Tripadvisor user from Sunrise, FL

Tuesdays are the best day to go there for their Baby Back lunch special....these ribs just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth....I am picky when it comes to baby backs....this place rocks the bbq palette....highly recommended

Visited August 2014

Rothel F – Tripadvisor user from Miami, FL

Dropped in during lunch time. I was promptly greeted by staff who I later learned is Jessica. We were seated and received attentive service. The food was served promptly and it was delectable! Jessica checked during our meal to find out if something was needed.

Nothing was needed EXCEPT
to chow down on BBQ Ribs / Chicken, Green Beans, Baked Sweet Potato and Texas Toast!

As we were about to leave, Waitress Kaitlyn noticed we need some help with our take out drinks and sprang to the rescue (Jessica had gone to get our Take Out Plate). Great Team Work - Awesome Ambiance --- Great A +

Rub-A-Dub BBQ Tub To Be Found In.

Visited August 2014

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Kenney Gonzalez - 1 yr ago
Love, love, LUUUUUUUUUV Scruby's BBQ! God bless this business and give them the ability to open more locations! The p'ple were great, the atmosphere was suitable, BUT their FOOD is AMAZING!! Keep it going!

Mark Kruger - 2 yr ago
We are regulars at Scrubys. Turkey and Ribs are our favorites! Salad bar is excellent.

Apolonio Manchego - 6 mo ago
Best BBQ place in South Florida!

Eliot Ubiera - 1 yr ago
Love the food ,would eat here again

A Google user -1 yr ago
Scruby's is amazing!!!! I found this little diamond a few years ago on a business trip and have been going their ever since..... It is great and affordable. You will love the wagon wheel.....

A Google user - 1 yr ago
Baby Back Ribs were great! Friendly and attentive service with a good attitude. Good value for the price.

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